Hard Seltzers have arrived in the UK. We check out a few of the best.

Hard Seltzers uk

Pre-mixed alcohol in cans or tinnies as they are affectionately known are certainly nothing new. No train journey, sunny afternoon in the park or festival warm-up would be complete without a few of your favourites.

If your a gin, vodka, cocktail or whisky guy, there’s a can for you but if you fancied something a little different, something lighter perhaps then until recently your options was limited.

That’s where Hard Seltzers take centre stage. They surged in popularity over in the states a few summers ago now but it’s only recently that they have begun to make it over to British shores. But what are they?

What are Hard Seltzers?

Seltzer’s are essentially just fizzy water. The Hard part is when you add some alcohol into the mix. So Hard Seltzers are fruit flavoured fizzy alcoholic fizzy water drinks. Generally, they are low calorie and low alcohol making them the ideal refreshing summer drink.

There’s now a whole load of competing brands offering their take on alcohol fizzy water here in the UK but I’ve rounded up a few that I’ve tried so far…

White Claw

White Claw pretty much kicked things off for the Hard Seltzer category over in the states. They’ve brought 3 flavours to the UK so far – Black Cherry, Mango and Natural Lime. All 3 are delicious but I’d opt for the cherry as it’s quite a unique taste.

4.5% ABV, 95 Calories per 330ml can

Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay UK

Bodega Bay mixes CraftedClear alcohol, sparkling water and the natural flavours of Apple, Ginger and Açai and Elderflower, Lemon and Mint.

Just the description of the Bodega Bay flavours had me wanting to try them. These are the ideal seltzers for a sunny day in the garden. Keep a stack in the fridge, top your glass up with ice add a garnish and you have a rather easy to make but super tasty light cocktail that any guests will love too.

4% ABV, 73 calories per 250ml can

Berczy Alcoholic Sparkling Water

berczy seltzer

Berczy inspired by a summer trip to Toronto (Berczy park was one of their favourite hang out spots in the city). Berczy drinks feature only natural flavourings and the lads behind the brand have been conscious of sustainability in their production process.

The flavours – Lemon & Lime, Peach & Raspberry (my favourite) and Passionfruit & Turmeric – all make for the perfect light afternoon drink. All 3 are delicious!

4% ABV, 75 calories per 250ml can

Mikes Hard Seltzer

Mikes are the strongest of the seltzers that I’ve tried and are at the higher end of the calorie scale too. That said, they are still a lower calorie and low sugar alcoholic drink.

The flavours on offer are quite similar to White Claw, they have the choice of Lime, Lemon or Black Cherry.

5% ABV, 100 calories per 330ml can

Balans Aqua Spritz

Balans Aqua Spritz was actually the first hard seltzer that I tried myself. I like to drink Vodka, soda and fresh lime and found most of the cans on the market were petty sugar laden and sweet so I was delighted to see these on the shelves.

Balans do a Mandarin or Lime flavour drink. Both are super light on flavour and refreshing but I’d say the lime is my favourite of the two. If you like a classic vodka and soda then I think you’ll enjoy these too.

4% ABV, Around 60 calories per 250ml can

As always, please drink responsibly and always obey the drinking age restrictions in your country.

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