Heating your home the smart way with the new Hive Thermostat Mini

In the current climate, we are all beginning to pay a little more attention to the ways in which we power and heat our homes. The new Hive Thermostat Mini is a great little device that supports all of the features of the full-sized Hive device at a lower cost and in a more compact size.

I’ve used Hive to control my heating, smart lights and other connected devices for years now and tbh it’s become such a part of my routine that I could not imagine being without it. The ease with which I can monitor and control the heating at home (even if I’m not there) is so convenient.

The Hive Thermostat Mini makes it even easier to stay in charge of your heating with a host of great new features like Geolocation. It can very cleverly detect when you leave home so if you have accidentally left your heating on, you’ll be sent an instant alert to your smart device.

Of course, you can set daily and weekly schedules from the Hive app too as well as activate holiday mode or use the boost feature. I find the boost button particularly useful if for example I wake up feeling a little chilly in the morning and don’t fancy making a run to the thermostat in my smalls, it takes a second to activate a 30-second heat boost right from the smartphone app.

The Hive mini hub is so compact that it’s a discreet addition to any room. It’s not bulky, it’s moveable, and most importantly, looks good. It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google, HomeKit, Siri and IFTTT which makes controlling your heating easy, no matter where you are in your home.

The key benefit of Hive for me though is that it makes it so easy to save energy and money. If you forget to turn the heating off when you leave home, it’s no longer a problem. Under a conventional system, if you forgot to turn your heating off and went out to work, or worse still away for the weekend that amounts to so much energy and money wasted.

If you’re an existing Hive customer you can upgrade to the new mini hub for just £59.

For more info or to get your Hive mini hub, click here.

This post is in conjunction with Hive but all thoughts are my own

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