The HOMMAGE Premium Shavecare Kit

The Everyday ManHommage have been around for a good 10 years already but somehow I was only introduced to them a couple of months ago.  I had heard some good things from a few mates and really loved the really premium looking aesthetic of their shave care so decided to give them a whirl.

As far as their product offering goes, Hommage have all the grooming and skincare bases covered.  Their range includes a hydrating and soothing moisturiser and a powerful face cleanser but their signature products for me are most definitely their great value shave care kits.  I’ve been trialling the Premium Shave Care Kit, which contains 6 individual products from their range and has been designed to help you achieve the perfect shave.

The Everyday ManThe Everyday ManThe Everyday ManThe kit costs £97 (or a monthly subscription of £40) and should last you 2 months.  Inside you’ll fit the Hommage Manhattan Razor (which looks like an incredible piece of design), Shave Cream, Shave Balm, Gillette Blades, Pre Shave Oil, Styptic Match Sticks and a handy platform to hold everything on your shelf.

Normally when I’d shaved before I used either a shave oil or cream but never both together.  The Hommage kit advises using the oil first as a primer to soften the hair before applying the rich shave cream, which also promotes cellular repair.  After shaving as normal with the Manhattan Razor, the final step in the shaving routing is to apply Hommage’s soothing Shave balm.  It not only provides the much-needed post shave relief but also helps to lock in moisture for the day.

The Hommage Shavecare kit really makes shaving easy (especially if you opt for the monthly subscription package) as you’ll never run out of blades or shaving products again.

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