Homobloc 2023: Your Ultimate Preview Guide to the UK’s Biggest Queer Rave

Alright, my glorious friends, let’s chat about an event that’s about to glitter-bomb Manchester this weekend – Homobloc. Before you go all Sherlock Holmes on Google – no, it’s not a new residential building, it’s a rave! On the 4th of November, 2023, Warehouse Project is going to be the kaleidoscope of pure hedonism! So lace up your boots, iron your most outrageous outfit, and prepare for an evening of epic proportions – consider this your ultimate guide. 

Now, Homobloc, for those not in the know, isn’t your generic rave. Nah, nothing as simple as that. It’s a queer rave, thriving on inclusivity! Every Tom, Dick, and Dirty Diana is invited – as long as you’re there for a night of love, music, and acceptance.

I hear you ask, what exactly can you expect from Homobloc? Well, in short, a right good knees up! The event marries music and community, promising world-class DJ sets capable of making your grandmother do a two-step. From disco to techno, your established tastes and new aural appetites are in for a treat. 

The line-up: Brace yourselves for the spectacular array of talent that’s going to set the stage ablaze at Homobloc! It may be November but with a line-up including, Horse Meat Disco, Confidence Man, Jessie Ware, Romy and The Blessed Madonna things are gonna get hot inside the Warehouse Project this Saturday!

What to wear: Yes, I did mention outrageous attire earlier. Actually, when it comes to Homobloc, nothing is too outrageous. Bright colours, spangles, feathers, or just that funky shirt you’ve hidden for years – it’s all in the game. Equally if you’re more of a lowkey vibe then that works too. Just be yourself.

When is it: Homobloc takes place on Saturday 4th November at Warehouse Project, Manchester from 1400 until 0400.

Stay hydrated: You’ll be dancing like nobody’s business, so remember to stay hydrated. Water is a must, not a luxury at the Warehouse Project!

Respect everyone: Remember, Homobloc is founded on respect. No matter who you are or who you love, everyone is here to have a good time. So, play nice, be kind, and love a little louder.

So, there you have it! Your one-way ticket into the glorious, glittering world of Homobloc. Get set for an unforgettable night in Manchester, for it is not just the ravishing rave but a celebration of diversity. See you on the dancefloor.

Don’t mess around, a few last minute tickets have just been released at homobloc.co.uk.

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