Houseplant Hydration: The Art of Watering Your Indoor Greenery

bearded man watering the small plant

Oh, dear reader, isn’t it a marvellous feeling to be the proud caregiver of thriving houseplants? Indeed, it’s a joy to witness the vibrant bounty of nature right within our own four walls. But let’s not kid ourselves, nurturing these natural wonders requires a knack; and more than that, it requires understanding them, truly ‘getting’ their needs. And what’s the most crucial need of our green friends? Water, of course! So, how do we make sure they’re getting just the right amount? That’s the question of the hour, and we’re about to delve into it! 

Now, don’t let the diversity intimidate you. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but there’s a simple key: Tailoring your watering routine to your specific houseplants. You wouldn’t drench a succulent as you would a fern, would you? Surely not! So why not take a little time to understand the specific watering needs of your verdant companions? 


  • Observe the plant to know its water requirements – Is it wilting even in cool temperatures? Do the leaves have brown tips? It’s time to get watering!
  • Understand the impact of the environment – Light, humidity, temperature, they all influence how much water your houseplant needs.
  • Always check the moisture level of the soil – Feeling dry? Quench it! Too damp already? Give it a breather.

And that’s not all, you need to consider the proper watering technique as well, technique matters! Remember: 

  • Always water thoroughly until it drains out from the bottom – that ensures the roots are drenched properly.
  • Never let your plant sit in standing water. Root rot, beware!
  • For most plants, it’s better to water in the morning. Night watering could lead to a host of problems, like fungus.

Now I bet you’re thinking, ‘Well, this is all good information, but how about some specifics?’. We got you covered! Given the countless species out there, a one-fits-all approach won’t cut the mustard. But, I assure you, if you start evaluating your plants individually, pay close attention to their watering patterns, and them tweak as you go along, success is just around the corner! Let’s sally forth on this exciting journey of exploring the unique watering needs of different houseplants, shall we?

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