How secure is your home? Simple tips to keep the burglars at bay


Around 70% of home break-ins happen via your front door so it makes sense to first have a look at yours.  How sturdy is it?  If it’s the type of door that would give way with a shoulder thrust or kick (without even the aid of some specialist tools) then it may be time to think about replacing yours.

Then comes the design over safety debate.  You may live in a period property and have already decided that the modern front doors are ugly and brash looking, well this does not actually have to be the case.  Take a look at the range available from Yale Door for example and you will likely be surprised by their collection of modern and classic designs which will perfectly complement the design of your home.  Some of which boast a nifty keyless entry system which allows you to enter your home using either a fob or the keypad on the handle itself.  Ideal for joggers like me who don’t want to haul keys around on the run.

Yale Door

So you have a secure front door fitted, what next?  Well, it sounds simple but remembers to keep it locked, along with windows when you are away from home.  Burglars are always on the lookout for an opportunity so don’t give them one.  Likewise don’t leave ladders or tools lying around close to your home, these should be locked away.  Think you wouldn’t leave your laptop or watches lying in the garden so why leave the tools to pinch them.

Outdoor lighting is a must.  Again these things all sound simple but they really do make a difference.  A movement-activated sensor light is the best solution as it cuts down on the cost and environmental impact of having a light on all night long.  The downside is will be set off by foxes and other wildlife but that is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Alarms are great and I’m not saying don’t get one but have a think to all the times you have heard a house alarm going off.  What was your first instinct?  If you are anything like me it was not to call the police but instead to moan about the annoying sound.  These can again be a deterrent for burglars but unless they are linked to the police or an alarm company via network do little good.

Lastly when on holiday or away for a few days use timer lights and maybe leave a radio on too to avoid the place looking derelict.  Speak to a trusted neighbour or family member to collect mail and keep a general eye on the place to avoid things building up too.

Remember the key things here are about using the security features that you already have and don’t become complacent.

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