How To Choose the Perfect Men’s Shorts for the Summer 

mens summer shorts

Summer is here, so you get to dust off your favourite t-shirts, shorts, and other summer wear. You might consider upgrading your summer wardrobe or only looking for ideas to style your current clothes differently. For men specifically, deciding what to wear during the warmer months can be daunting, so we understand why you would opt for shorts for three months straight. But not to worry, because there are several ways in which you can style your shorts to suit any occasion. And on that note, we have put together a how-to guide to help you choose the perfect men’s shorts for summer.  

Consider the occasion

Before you purchase your next men’s designer shorts consider the occasion you will wear them for. Each event needs a specific type of style. For example, if you are heading to a fancy brunch, you should opt for chino-style shorts. And for more relaxed and casual outings, pick a pair of shorts that is more laid back. Always look at the dress code first, especially if you are heading to work, and choose appropriate shorts for the occasion. 

Check the length

You are lucky that shorts come in various sizes, meaning there is a style for every body type. The right length depends on your body type and your personal preference. It is recommended to go for a mid-thigh size since it flatters almost all men’s body types. And if you have shorter legs, opt for slightly shorter shorts. This creates the illusion of longer legs. If you have long legs, opt for longer-length shorts. However, keep in mind that your proportions need to look right. You do not want to look as though you are suffocating.  

Check the fit

When it comes to finding the perfect shorts, the fit should be top of mind. You do not want to look like a pocket of potatoes or sucked in like a straw. The idea is whatever style you are going for complements your body so that you look your best. Whether choosing designer shorts or simply opting for a regular one, find one that sits comfortably around your waistline. Check if it sags or if it is too tight. Slim or right-fit shorts are great for a more polished look when you want to look and feel fancy — think Great Gatsby with polo shirts and tailored shorts with loafers. Many men also choose straight fit. It offers a more relaxed and laid-back feel, great for those adventures with your friends. Keep in mind comfort and how suitable it is for your body. 

Look at the material

In summer, it is imperative to wear clothing that is breathable and light. In certain parts of the world, especially the Southern Hemisphere, summer is fierce, and people from this region know that light clothing works well in warmer months. Look for shorts with lightweight and natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. It provides excellent airflow. Also, try not to wear denim shorts and keep them for autumn or spring. Denim is a heavy material and is non-breathable. You will more than likely be uncomfortable in high temperatures.  

Incorporate colours and patterns

If you are not used to outlandish patterns and colours, do not worry. This summer, you can finally find a pair of shorts full of personality but with a broad colour palette, so you might like the greater range you have. Our picks for this season are neutral colours such as khaki, navy, and beige. These hues generally pair well with almost any other colour. Khaki, beige, and navy always stay in style, which is another win. For patterns, keep an eye on what is trendy and see if it works for it. Men’s clothing can be fun, and so can you. 

Look at the finer detail

Just like everyone else, men should be concerned with the quality and function of their clothing. We understand that men’s clothing is already functional in many instances, like pockets. But you will find some items that need special attention before buying them. It is not only about function but aesthetics as well. Find a pair of well-constructed shorts, which means they should have durable zips and buttons. Check for pockets since they are always needed, and look for adjustable waistlines with drawstrings.  

Try them on

Online shopping affords us the convenience of shopping from our couches without breaking a sweat. However, it is recommended to try before you buy when it comes to any sort of trousers, whether a pair of shorts, jeans, etc. To ensure you have the best possible fit, go to the store, try them on, and then buy them. The warmer months are an excellent time to unwind and enjoy adventure. You can also reinvent your wardrobe or update your favourite pieces, such as shorts. When looking to buy a few new pairs, consider the following: the occasion you will need it for; the material; how well it fits and if the length works for you; and colours and prints. Ensure you look and feel great in the clothes you choose.

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