How to Personalise a Christmas Gift

man with christmas gift

Christmas is now just a few months away, so it is a good idea to start thinking about gifts for loved ones. Not only does starting now give you enough time to think about a personalised gift the recipient is sure to appreciate, but it will also make December a lot less stressful! You will want to start with the perfect card to complement your gift and one which matches the personality of the recipient. Here are a few ideas for personalised gifts that are sure to go down well.

A Signature Scent

Gifting a cologne gift set is the perfect idea for your next occasion. If your loved one has a signature fragrance that epitomizes who they are, then the selection will be quick and easy. If they have yet to decide on that perfect scent, you can find them something special at that they are sure to love.

Carved Wooden Gifts

There is something special about carved wood gifts, especially a beautiful ornament that embodies Christmas with a personal message or photo. They can then use this ornament every year and be reminded of the thought and effort that went behind it.


It is hard to go wrong with jewellery as a gift idea, as it can be so personal and something that will always remind the recipient of you whenever they wear it. Personalised jewellery with engravings or etchings can take this gift to the next level and gives you the chance to show just how much the recipient means to you, whether this is a message, phrase or symbol that is meaningful to you both.


Candles are another great gift idea, and you can personalise this gift by customising a scented candle using the recipient’s favourite smell or flavour. You could even create your own scented candles, which will make this gift extra special and will be an activity that should be fun and rewarding.

Garden Items

If the recipient has green fingers or enjoys spending time in the backyard then there are lots of good personalised gift ideas. These include a garden ornament that captures their personality (such as their favourite animal), an engraved plant pot with their favourite plant or a personalised garden sign.


There are also a number of toys and puzzles that could be personalised for a fun gift idea. Turning a treasured photo into a jigsaw puzzle is a thoughtful gift idea as is creating your own deck of cards with personal photos. Another good idea is buying a teddy wearing a t-shirt with a personalised photo on it.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to get started with your Christmas shopping early and to find the perfect personalised gift. Personalised gifts will always be well received because they show a lot of care and thought has gone into the gift and these are all presents that will be cherished by the recipient. Christmas is a time for showing your loved ones how much you care, so a personalised gift is the perfect choice and should help to bring you and your loved ones closer together this year.

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