Hub by Premier Inn, Covent Garden: hotel review

hub hotel covent garden london

As you will be aware my blogging takes me away a fair bit.  Sometimes it can seem like weeks before I ever get to spend a couple of days at home in my own bed so when I do it becomes a real luxury.  When I’m on the move though I find myself staying in hotels, some of which can be incredibly fancy and others well not so much but as I’m only ever there for a night or 2 it is not a big issue.

I’m not really into glitzy and indulgent hotel rooms as nice as they obviously are my main requirements when finding a base to stay is a comfy bed, a decent shower, air-conditioning that works and plenty of plugs (near the bed) for my phone and computer.  That little list of wants might seem pretty basic but it does seem like it is far too much to ask in some of the places I have stayed of late.

A few weeks ago I was recommended by Sam Squire, another blogger I know to check out the new ‘hub by Premier Inn’ concept.  I will honestly admit that my first thought was not the most favourable but after I did a little research into the hub Hotels brand I was actually quite impressed with what I saw so I booked myself in for a nights stay at the hub hotel Covent Garden located bang in the centre of London’s west end.

Check-in at the hotel is quick and easy using the terminals on the ground floor (much like those you find in chains like Citizenm) and I liked the fact they offered free tea and (costa) coffee in reception 24/7, a nice touch.  The terminal told me I was in room 420 and activated my key card so I made my way upstairs.

The rooms themselves are pretty small there is no getting away from that but they are so well designed (with a place for everything) that at no point did I feel cramped or claustrophobic.  Tinchy Stryder actually managed to produce a new music track in one of the rooms of the Brick Lane hotel so they do have plenty of space to work in!

The bed is built into the wall with storage space underneath, it almost reminded me of being in a super hi-tech pod from the future as everything is controlled from a panel beside the bed.  Even the shower gel that was provided smelt amazing!

I was genuinely pretty impressed overall by the hub hotels concept and would definitely come back again as long as I got a decent rate.  The only thing I missed was windows that could open, I do like to let in a little of that ‘fresh’ air to the room but that’s my only gripe!

hub by Premier Inn offers stays at its London Covent Garden hotel, for just £69 per night. Price is based on a single room. Book direct at for exclusive saver rates.

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