How I integrated Herbalife into my healthy diet

I’m not entirely sure why but there seems to be a lot of negativity towards the Herbalife nutrition range on social media.  People seem happy to consume protein shakes and other nutrition products without any judgement so what is so different about Herbalife, why do people often put it down?  I think it comes from the trend of crash fad diets and the short-term results that they can often offer.

Back in January Herbalife actually got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested in trying out some of their products and giving my honest thoughts on them.  I thought that this would be a good chance for me to see for myself how they actually work and what benefits they could offer me as an accompaniment to my training.

Before I got started I met up with Martin Kelly, one of their Nutrition Coaches to learn a little bit about their range of the products and to let him know about my current diet and training as well as my goals.  This enabled us to find the products that would work best for my goals, my lifestyle and me.  I was quite clear from the off that my diet has always been fairly good (aside from the odd weekend slip-up) so I was not looking for dramatic change but just a few tweaks that would make eating well easier.

After looking at my normal daily eating habits it was obvious that my diet was a little carb heavy and as I normally started every day with a gargantuan bowl of porridge I decided that I would opt to swap this for a Herbalife Formula 1 shake (strawberry flavour).  The rest of the day I would maintain my normal healthy diet with the addition of the Formula 1 express bars at times where I found it hard to grab a healthy meal, like at the airport when travelling.

The taste

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like the taste or consistency of the Herbalife products but in reality I was quite impressed.  The Strawberry Formula 1 shake that I mixed with milk for breakfast had a really pleasant taste and mixed in really well (no lumps), I actually enjoyed drinking it which I never expected.

The Formula 1 express bars again were really tasty and easy to consume.  In the past I have tried protein and meal bars that I have actually struggled to swallow as the consistency was so dense but these reminded me more of just a cereal or snack bar.  The chocolate flavour in particular was just like having a snack bar but with the added benefit of being packed with protein and some key nutrients.

My results

Like I said above I don’t think you can expect miracles to happen just by taking a product but if you are prepared to commit to a regular fitness regime as well as a healthy diet then of course you can expect to get results.

Back in mid January my weight was 75.7Kg, my waist was 31 inches and my body fat was sitting at 16.7%.  Of course this is not crazy overweight or anything like that but those figures were a little higher than I wanted and a little higher than the same time last year so I was determined to get the numbers down.  After 6 weeks of training and using the Herbalife products as part of my diet I have seen a drop in all the areas that I measured initially. As you can imagine I’m pretty pleased so far.

With summer and the holiday season coming I’m looking forward to continuing my training and eating plan and seeing where I end up.  I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my social channels.

Have you tried any of the Herbalife range? Get in touch and let me know how you found it.

I worked on collaboration with Herbalife on this post but all of the opinions and views are my own.

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