How I switched up my thinking to find the Platinum Linings in my daily routine

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If I was to rewind back a couple of weeks ago and tell you what kind of person I was, I’d have said I was probably more of a pessimist than an optimist; a bit of a worrier. I’ve always felt like that kind of person, as before I’d even get my teeth into a task I’d worry about all the things that might go wrong with it and all the hurdles that I was likely to face. Even when the task at hand seemed quite straightforward I’d still find myself looking for potential issues.

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ – the idea that something positive can come out of every situation.  Well Amex has used this as inspiration for their latest campaign which I’m very excited to be involved with.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been harnessing this new positive mindset in my daily routine through the Platinum Linings challenge set by The Happyologist Susanna Halonen.  In our everyday lives, no matter how well we plan, unexpected things will crop up that can throw us off course a little; for example, getting caught in a long queue and missing your train to having a pigeon ruin your favourite coat or needing to spend money on something unexpected like a vet’s bill or repairing a burst pipe at home can seem frustrating.

But it’s not all bad, because there’s always an upside and this is what has inspired the challenge.

To get me started I had a coaching session with Susanna so that she could help me adjust my thinking and give me some useful tips for spotting those positive moments in everyday life. It was great and it brought me to the conclusion that perhaps I’m not such the pessimist after all. I thought I was, but instead maybe I’m just a bit of a realist who likes to plan for all eventualities. If I don’t get too bogged down in possible failures, Susanna re-assured me that there is nothing wrong with planning ahead and that there can be an upside to everything.

Following on from the coaching session as part of the Platinum Linings Challenge, Susanna sent me a series of daily motivational tasks.  These were all simple things such as turning gratitude into a habit and asking myself what I was grateful for that day.

When I put some of these tips into action I realised that they could have an impact on my way of thinking and really helped me to see upside to the little frustrating things that can happen in daily life.

One of the challenges that resonated most with me was when Susanna challenged me to be thankful in every situation, even when things feel bad and there would normally be a tendency for me to get stressed out. For example, I often complain about being snowed under with work, when I should be thankful that I’m busy. I often complain that I travel all the time but the challenge made me see that travelling is a great gift and it’s wonderful not to be stuck in one place all the time.  Once I got started I realised how easy it is to put a positive spin onto all the things I normally moan about and it will be something that I’ll be putting into practice in my daily routine. There really are upsides to those daily tasks that I often see as a chore and, for me, it’s just a matter of wanting to see the positives.

I’ve found that taking the challenge has made me more productive at work and feel more positive about the everyday things I would usually moan about.  It’s amazing how harnessing the power of a positive mind-set can lift your mood; rather than seeing the downside of the annoying little things that happen in life, celebrating the silver linings can alter your take on the world. I really recommend trying it to see how it works for you.

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