Icons of Style: Top Male Fashionistas

Alex Turner

The fashion industry is an ever-changing scene, with new styles coming in and out of fashion quicker than you could imagine. Male trends are the most difficult to keep up with, as a man’s outfit has to make him look respectable, fashionable and, perhaps most importantly, attractive.

A recent survey into what makes the “perfect man” by Ladbrokes Casino has revealed that almost a third of women asked said they preferred the sharp-suited dapper look. Ladbrokes’ research also found out that the latest hipster look does not appeal to females, with only one in ten being a fan and a huge 96% finding the man bun style disgusting!

With celebrities always on our screens and in magazines showcasing their own unique fashion styles, who are the biggest fashionistas out there? Here are a few of the most sought after trend-masters.

Alex Turner

As the frontman of Arctic Monkeys, Turner has a brought the 1970’s style back into the modern-day rock n roll circuit. He has adopted the Cuban shirt and penny loafers look like his own and is never seen without a zip-up leather jacket or sophisticated blazer on his back. The band have claimed huge acclaim for their latest release AM – an album which saw not only Turner mature, but the group as a whole. Yet it’s Turner’s teddy-boy hair style that has become the envy of most men, firstly going for the suave quiff and now to the full combed back greased look.

Benedict Cumberbatch

The last few years have been extremely kind to Benedict Cumberbatch, as he has been propelled amongst Hollywood’s elite and is regarded as one of the finest British actors out there. His slightly-nerdy appeal enables Cumberbatch to pull off the cardigan or waistcoat look without resembling somebody’s grandfather. After depicting Sherlock Holmes in the BBC adaptation, his scarf and Belstaff coat-style became hit, bringing the look back into the public eye, and Cumberbatch was ranked as one of the best dressed males at the recent Academy Awards.

Harry Styles

One Direction’s Harry Styles is renowned for his differing tastes of fashion, something that has most certainly played into his favour. The singer was awarded the British Style Icon awards back in 2013 for his love and promotion of the London look as well as being an ambassador for the city’s fashion heritage. Styles is always squeezed into a pair of skin tight jeans and heeled boots, accompanied by a low V-neck top and occasionally a Fedora styled hat. By never over complicating a look, young Harry always looks the part.

David Beckham

No list of style icons would be complete without a mention of Golden Balls himself, David Beckham. The former England captain has never been shy when it comes to fashion and has never been scared of going all out when it comes to his haircuts! But it is hard to find a look that Beckham hasn’t pulled off – his formal wear is second to none, he successfully pulls off the “cool dad” look and now, he even has his own range of clothing through high-street chain H&M. Although if there is one fashion faux pas which may haunt him, it is definitely when he wore a sarong out in public way back in 1998!

Keeping up with the latest male styles can be difficult, but if you take inspiration from some of these trendsetters, you’ll be one of the most fashionable chaps around!

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