The Streetwear brands that you should be wearing…

Only NY Clothing

Streetwear brands have exploded in popularity and are now stocked in top end department stores as well as independent boutiques like online retailer iConsume and stores across the country.  The raise in demand for these such styles has also kickstarted a number of new and growing labels into the spotlight.

Carhartt Clothing

One of the granddaddy’s of the streetwear scene, Carhartt produce a range of durable everyday classics such as coats, jeans, shirts and sweaters.


No prizes for guessing that Eastpak specialise in bags.  Think classic American high school backpacks, holdalls and messengers.  These primarily canvas bags were originally manufactured on contract for the US military,

Happy Socks

Sweden brand Happy Socks produce a colourful range of socks funnily enough.  The brand have now gone global and collaborated with big name retailers like Barneys and Bearbrick toys.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing

Classic styles in premium materials.  Levi’s Vintage produce a great range of simple no-nonsense jeans, shirts and knitwear.

Only NY Clothing

The final label on my list, Only NY Clothing is an independent fashion label based in Manhattan.  They produce a range of streetwear goods which they aim to become timeless classics.  They take inspiration for their collections from 10 years of New York street style.


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