#IGIVEASPIT for Anthony Nolan


How do you fancy being a lifesaver? A hero that could make a huge difference to the life of a family or stranger? I’m not talking about some wacky superhero shenanigans; I’m talking about joining the bone marrow register which one day may result in you being able to save a life.

Anthony Nolan is a fantastic charity who every day match people like you with people suffering from blood cancer and blood disorders who are in desperate need of lifesaving stem cell transplants.  Each and every day the charity helps three people to find the match that could save their life.

So how can you get involved?  The first step is easy!  If you are of good health and aged between 16 and 30 you can sign up to join the Anthony Nolan stem cell register right now.  They send you out a ‘spit kit’ in the post so that you can provide a sample of saliva.  It is from this sample they will ascertain if you are a match for a patient in the future.  If and when you match (it could be quite some years later) the charity will be in touch and check if you are first still willing to be a donor and secondly still in good health yourself.

If you give a spit about saving a life, learn more about the #IGIVEASPIT campaign that Anthony Nolan is running this August now. Celebrities and influencers are customising a Tee-shirt and taking to social media to raise awareness about the cause. Please consider getting on the register and getting your spit kit!  It could be the first step you take in becoming a lifesaver in the future!

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