Importance of a Good Morning Routine for Men

man cooking pancakes

A good morning routine can be a game-changer. It can help you get in the right headspace, which will benefit you not only your professional life, but your personal life too.

Remember, it often takes some experimentation to find a routine that works for you, so take the time to tweak it as you please. Don’t feel as those you have to aspire to a particular practice either – what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you, and that’s ok. Begin with a small, achievable change and gradually build from there. Consistency is key – the more you stick to it, the more natural it will feel.

Starting the day right

Let’s face it, mornings can be a battle against the clock. A well-defined routine can help to reduce that frantic rush and you can take the first steps the night before.

Try laying out your clothes the night before, prepping your breakfast ingredients and packing your bag. This can save a huge amount of time, leaving you to get ready at a more leisurely pace. You’ll be surprised how much more you can accomplish when you start your day with intention.

Taking time for mindfulness

Mindfulness is something that people have rarely made time for in the past. However, our excessive screentime amongst other things have caused people to pay more attention to being in the present moment.

Taking time to practice mindfulness will help you get more out of your day. This might look like doing a few minutes of meditation or setting intentions during your commute.

Knowing what you’d like to achieve will help you take on the day with the right mindset. Beyond this, you can help to sharpen your focus and pay attention to how you’re feeling. Pairing mindfulness with a ‘low-dopamine’ routine can make a big difference to your mood. The main thing is to avoid overstimulating activities such as using your phone as soon as you wake up.

Ensuring you look good (and feel good)

Paying attention to the way you look can help you feel more confident. That doesn’t mean spending excessive amounts of time grooming yourself though.

Instead, leave yourself enough time to freshen up and smarten your look so you don’t feel rushed. A well-lit bathroom is your secret weapon, especially during the winter. Invest in a good, illuminated mirror so you can shave or moisturise with ease.

Fuelling your body

There’s a reason they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Build time into your morning to make a breakfast that tastes good and does wonders for your energy levels.

To stay fuller for longer, swap sugary cereals for something filling and nutritious. Where possible, include protein and complex carbs. Porridge, eggs on toast and overnight oats customised to your taste are great examples of a breakfast that will level-up your everyday.

Taking time for yourself

The best morning habits are personal to you. You might enjoy a quiet cup of tea or reading a few pages in your book – it doesn’t have to involve anything extraordinary.

Ideally, take time to go for a walk so you get some exercise. This is key if you work an office-based job. Spending time with pets or children can also help you enjoy a more fulfilling morning before you head to work. It’s all about claiming those precious moments for yourself.

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