Infinix Zero 8 Review

Infinix Zero 8

I doubt that you’ll be familiar with the Infinix name until now but they are in fact quite a big player in the smartphone world in some other parts of the world.

The Infinix Zero 8 is the flagship device from the range but despite that fact, it’s available for a very reasonable price. In fact, you’d ever get a couple of quid change from £200!

So what kind of smartphone do you get for under £200? Well, we gave the Infinix Zero 8 a whirl to find out…

At first glance, the Zero 8 looks pretty much like most other android devices (from the front anyway). The display is large with a selfie camera in the top left corner.

On the flip side, the Zero 8 is a lot more eye-catching. It’s actually pretty flashy, and while being the minimal fan that I am, its not the kind of thing I’d go for I can definitely see the appeal, especially at this price.

Towards the top is a diamond shape which houses the 4 different camera lenses as well as the flash.

The Zero 8 uses Android, so the setup is super simple. It’s a case of inserting your sim card and off you go in a few steps.

One thing that I quickly loved was the option of both face and fingerprint unlock. It just seems to make life easier when you’re in a hurry or in low light.

I expected very little from the camera but again I was pleasantly surprised. The rear 64-megapixel primary sensor performed well and while it didn’t quite match the quality of my iPhone it certainly wasn’t a million miles away which with the cost considered is brilliant.

There a few things that it lacks and for me the fact that it is not waterproof is a biggie. I think it’s something that we have come to expect from premium smartphones nowadays but again and I feel like a bit of a parrot here, this phone does cost about a fifth of the price of the latest iPhone so there is that consideration.

if you’re looking for a device that won’t break the bank then I think you’d be mad not to consider the Zero 8. It’s the perfect option as a second device, perhaps for work calls too or to have a backup.


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