Interview with The Chainsmokers

The Everyday Man

With everyone and their granny now jumping on the #selfie bandwagon it was only a matter of time until the narcissistic craze had a song to go along with it.  Enter The Chainsmokers aka Drew & Alex, a pair of producers from New York City.  As you can imagine the lads are currently surfing a pretty epic wave of success following the release of #selfie and after opening the main stage of Ultra.  This week we managed to grab a few minutes of their time as they sat down in their recording studio to put a few questions to them…

But first, let me take a selfie.

Q What’s with the name, do you actually chainsmoke?

It’s just a name don’t think about it too much… and no we don’t smoke…

Q Have you always been EDM heads or are you guys secretly fan’s of another genre?

We are more fans of other genres than dance. We pull most our influences from hip hop and indie genres.  Don’t get us wrong we love dance music but it’s not the be all end all. We think its important to be well-rounded and that applies to all walks of life. The more you digest and experience the better off you are and we feel this is an important aspect of our music.

Q With all the travel you must be visiting lots of wondering places, can you speak any other languages?

Drew  – bad Spanish

Alex – occasionally Drunk fuck…

Q What one thing couldn’t you live without when on the road?

Sleep and our iphones… (very much like us too!)

Q What track are you digging at the moment?

School Boy Q Man of the Year…

Q Can we see your best selfie?

We actually are not experts on selfies at all, in fact quite the contrary we take pretty shitty ones… we just made a song about them….

Q What does the summer hold for The Chainsmokers?  Will we see you in the UK or Ibiza?

A lot of touring we are putting out a couple big room dance records and then hopefully our follow-up to selfie! But YES looks like we will definitely be on the white isle a few times which we cannot be more excited about and then also hopefully some UK dates! It’s a dream to come over and play Europe 🙂

Q Tell us a secret…

Alex – I was a golden retriever in my past life

Drew – I am sociopath


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