Introducing Bamigo, a Sustainable Bamboo Menswear Brand

man wearing bamigo underwear

Bamigo is a menswear brand which had been launched in the UK this summer and their cool TV commercial showing men with panda heads caught my eye the other day. Now you may be wondering what is so special about this menswear fashion brand. One word. Bamboo.

While bamboo is frequently used as a material for products and buildings, I found that it has become an excellent option for textile production. With a fantastic selection of underwear, socks and tees to choose from, made using bamboo materials, it’s easy to see why Bamigo is beginning to make waves in the world of sustainable fashion and they’ve certainly captured my attention.

Bamboo textiles are rising in popularity with each passing year. All the same, many consumers remain unaware of its unique properties. Unlike its visible presence in buildings and products, the use of bamboo in clothing is not visible to the naked eye. As surprising as it may seem, strong bamboo shoots can indeed be used to create the very softest clothing items.

Why bamboo though? This is for two reasons. Compared to cotton, bamboo is much more environmentally friendly. Cotton is the water guzzler amongst textile options. An average of 8,000 litres of water is required for the cultivation of a single kilo of cotton. Moreover, cotton is also responsible for 11% of all pesticides and 25% of all insecticides worldwide. Bamboo grows naturally and needs nothing more than sunlight and rainwater to thrive.

man wearing bamigo underwear

In addition to these sustainability perks, Bamigo was also motivated by the exceptional softness of bamboo. The bamboo fibre is naturally round and smooth, which lends the textiles their characteristic softness. Micro holes in the fibres add excellent breathability so that you remain confidently fresh throughout the day.

With its roots in bamboo underwear for men, Bamigo now also features an exclusive line of menswear. Where the product range was previously limited to underwear, undershirts and socks, they have since added a line of Bamigo Casual T-shirts and Undershirts starting from £39.99 and Bamigo Loungewear starting from £29.99.

Eco-conscious men can now also select from a rapidly expanding range of bamboo loungewear that regularly features new items.

Bamigo’s bamboo clothing is sold exclusively online offering same-day shipping. Discover the full product range on their website and experience the unparalleled comfort of bamboo textiles. Delve into the sustainable world of Bamigo today.

Explore the range of Bamigo Boxers, Briefs and Trunks starting from £34.99.

This is a partnership post in collaboration with Bamigo

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