Introducing the BOOM Watches bespoke watch styling service

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They gave us Noma – the globally renowned two-Michelin-star restaurant run by chef René Redzepi in Copenhagen. They gave us hygge, The Killing and numerous stylish menswear brands. In his book Scandinavian Design, Mr Peter Fiell notes that “the marriage of beautiful organic forms with everyday functionality is one of the primary strengths of Scandinavian design and one of the reasons why Scandinavian creations are so cherished.” BOOM Watches has just been added to that ‘cherished’ list”.

For anyone who has ever wanted to design what ends up on their wrist, will be very pleased to know that Swedish brand BOOM Watches has now launched its innovative unisex concept in the UK. Modular in design, BOOM (Brand Of Open Minds) has more combinations than Stockholm has islands, allowing us to customise our own watches to suit our style, personality and occasion – think running through a pine forest sprinkled with silver birches (who wouldn’t love to do that?) or having a fika* in your favourite Scandinavian cafe, which are popping up everywhere.

BOOM Watches was launched after a successful crowd-funding campaign; has a modular adaptable design and a mind-blowing 3780 combinations available from a stylish choice of variations in four different components – the strap, outer case, bezel and inner casing. The entire watch can be taken to pieces, with other BOOM Watch parts swapped in to completely redesign the look and feel of each piece. While other watch brands do allow customers to change a bezel, Boom goes a step further allowing us to change the strap, the bezel and case. A perfect, minimalist combo of light-hearted and sophisticated, the watches start at a very affordable £120 (three year international warranty, once registered online.)

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