Introducing the Dorco Classic, the Ultimate Shave

Dorco, Razor, Shaving, The Everyday Man

When it comes to shaving I bet you’re a bit like most guys out there and you stick with the same razor brand all the time.  I’m always trying new grooming and skincare products but for years I had tended to stick with the same old model of razor.  Sure it got the job done but I figured it was time to see if there was something better out there.

That’s where Dorco came in.  Who? I hear you cry.  I was thinking the exact same thing until I discovered them earlier this year.  Believe it or not though, they are not some new kid on the block; they’re actually a really well established brand with a history dating back over 60 years.

With all that history under their belt they have had plenty of time to perfect their latest razor, and as you can imagine it’s their best yet.

Dorco, Razor, Shaving, The Everyday Man

Dorco, Razor, Shaving, The Everyday Man

Dorco, Razor, Shaving, The Everyday Man

The Dorco Classic is their most technologically advanced razor ever; and with a whopping 7 precision-aligned blades for starters it’s plain to see why.  Not only is that a world first, it’s also good news for anyone who suffers from irritation.  More blades mean fewer strokes are needed to get the job done, so there’s less stress placed on the skin.

The engineers who worked on the design have also ensured that the blades are aligned with a really narrow blade span for comfort but with enough space still for easy rinsing.   This will help your blade to stay sharp for longer and save you having to replace the blade as often.

The Dorco Classic comes with added lubrication too, with a strip of Argan oil and calendula extract, these are known to soothe dry skin and minimise irritation.   I always recommend using a shave gel too, but every little bit of protection goes some way to protecting your skin further.

All that technology is great but the thing that drew me to the Dorco Classic more than anything else was its design.  Just like every other product that I use these days, I want something that not only does its job but looks good too.  The black and silver design of the handle is inspired by those traditional barbershops from the past.  It’s timeless looking, and it looks great sat on my bathroom shelf.

The Dorco range goes further than just the Dorco Classic though and thanks to the patented common docking technology on the handle, you can mix and match from any blade in the entire Dorco Pace range.

I know what you’re thinking, where can you get your hands on one?  Head over to to start saving yourself some money.  Make sure that you use our Dorco Classic exclusive code EVERYDAY20 at the checkout until the 31st of July to get 20% off all the Dorco Classic range and have it delivered straight to your door.


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