Introducing the Siemens Avantgarde iSensoric Washing Machine

Siemens Avant Garde Washing Machine Review

A washing machine is maybe not the kind of thing that you would find yourself getting excited about but they do carry out an essential function in your daily routine.  Generally we stuff in a load of dirty clothing without thinking anymore about it, but is there such a thing as a top of the range device?

The Siemens Avantgarde iSensoric Washing Machine certainly looks the part and will make a very sleek addition to your kitchen or laundry room.  I recently got the chance to road test one and really liked both the features and design.

Installation was pretty straightforward, just remember to remove the locking bolts from the drum as I nearly forgot.  The dimensions are pretty standard (height 845mm x width 598mm) so it should fit no problem into most kitchen spaces.

Its contemporary white casing is topped with a touch-operated LED panel which allows you to programme and operate the various wash cycles.  This may look a little confusing at first but it’s really quite self-explanatory and pretty much guides you through.

Siemens Avant Garde Washing Machine Review

One of the things I like the most about this washing machine is the rather large door panel which enables you to easily load and unload the drum (even things like towels and bedsheets)  When the door is opened and until the cycle starts the inside of the drum is illuminated which is something that I have never seen before, it is a nice touch as you can properly see the contents and the colours.

In comparison with my previous model, this device is majorly quiet!  You can barely hear it as it gets to work in the corner of the room, even on the spin!

Next month when I have had a little more time to play about with the different functions of it I’ll share with you the features and benefits of each so keep a lookout for that as well as a closer look at the machine’s design.

*Siemens kindly provided me with a machine for the purposes of this review

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