JBL Live Pro+ True Wireless Earbuds Review

JBL Live Pro+ Review

If you’re still using wired headphones or earbuds, then take this as your sign to move over to the wireless world. It took me a while to get on board myself but I’m glad that I did.

Recently, JBL sent me across their new Live Pro+ True Wireless earbuds to review so for the past few weeks, I’ve been using them instead of my usual apple Airpods when working out.

If you’ve had a nose around the airbud market, you’ll notice that most brands and styles take on a very similar look. The JBL Live Pro+ True Wireless are available in a choice of 4 colours though, so you can pick the pair that best suits your style. For me, it had to be black.

The airbuds come in a really nice matte finish and are housed in the typical same coloured snap closing holder/charging case. One thing that I noticed and liked instantly about the case was the 3 lights which indicate the level of charge.

JBL Live Pro+ Review

I found that pairing them to my phone was straightforward and quick and once set up you can easily listen to whatever you choose from them. Just like the Apple AirPods and most other brands, they have a series of touchpoints in them that allow you to control the volume and skip tracks etc. Personally, I find touchpoints on all airbuds a bit fiddly and as I tend to have my phone on me I just use it to control things instead but I can see how a lot of people like them.

A great feature of the Live Pro+ is that you can actually use the app to customise what each touchpoint does though so which I think is a great way of making them work for you.

Once in the ear, I found these to be comfortable to wear, even during an intense cardio session. I’ve tried some in the past that get more uncomfortable over time but this was not the case here.

So far so good, but how about the sounds quality?

Well, in all honesty, it’s good. I’d say my regular apple pair nudge it a little but considering these are around £40 cheaper they stand up strongly. Importantly for me, the volume is loud too and you don’t have to deal with apples annoying message to turn it down.

All in all, I’d recommend these airbuds as a solid piece of kit and a decent investment. They look good, the sound is good and the battery life lasts well.

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JBL provided a sample for review purposes but all words and opinions are our own.

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