A stylish pac-a-mac? K-Way prove it is possible…


The words cool and pac-a-mac are rarely found within the same sentence.  There is however a first time for everything as we introduce an exclusive range of K-Way pac-a-macs from Selfridges.  The range includes neon pink, green and yellow-backed ‘macs for the ravers among you as well as the more traditional plain black and silver.

K-way was born in Paris, on a rainy day in 1965. Leon Claude Duhamel observed attentively as people rushed by in soaking wet clothes and broken umbrellas as the rain poured down. He came up with the concept of a lightweight, completely waterproof jacket which can fold into a small hip bag from this. Soon everyone began to look at this practical jacket in nylon with enthusiasm, happy to leave the old umbrella at home.

The brand has recently relaunched in the UK with key stockists including SIZE? for their classic Claude and Leon styles and these Selfridges, exclusives are all in the more slim fit Jacques Plus style which features breathable lining and a fixed hood which comes with anti-binding.

As much as we hate the rain it’s better to be ready for it than to be left soaked.  The lightweight jackets are just the ticket for the current sporadic heavy British downpours and are available now priced at £85 from selfridges.com.

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