The KEF EGG Music System Review

Speakers have become an essential piece of furniture nowadays.  Whether it’s for use in your living room, bedroom or office we all want something that sits well within our room and compliments the space.  No longer is there a need for the huge hi-fi system of the past to listen to our music.  The advent of bluetooth and other digital technology means that we can stream things directly from a small but powerful speaker unit.

This week I have been putting the KEF EGG Music System to the test which is undoubtedly an iconic design but I wanted to better explore the sound quality.  It is available in 3 colours (white, black and blue) and has been designed with versatility at mind.  The KEF EGG works as desktop speakers, a sound system for your TV or simply as your main sound unit to stream and play your favourite music.  I set mine up with the last use in mind.

Once unboxed I noticed that the EGG speakers themselves are pretty heavy. I took this as a good thing as with the weight comes durability.  The system comprises of 2 speaker units which are paired by an audio cable.  One of  the speakers is the central unit (where you can plug-in usb connectors, a subwoofer and an optical input) and the other as more of a slave unit.  I found that the connector cable was not quite as long as I wanted meaning I could separate them across my room which was unfortunate.

I use my speakers mainly via bluetooth streaming which does not produce the bet sound quality when compared with the optical cable output but as most of my music streams from my phone I just find bluetooth easier.  It was a welcome bonus to find both the usb and optical cables included inside the box however so there is no requirement to buy these separately.

At £349.95 the KEF EGG system is certainly not cheap by anyones standards but as far as the quality of sound and build goes I would have to say that they are entirely worth it.  Design wise however I would probably prefer something a little bit sleeker.  The EGG shaped silhouette in general I do like especially the almost retro feel of it but I can’t help but be reminded by a old set of desktop PC speakers I had many moons ago.  That’s the only thing that put me off but I guess that’s more of a personal gripe.  With hindsight the KEF Muo may have been a better fit for my needs as it is a great deal sleeker aesthetically. Maybe next time.

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