The Key Men’s Sunglass Styles for Summer


The holiday season has officially started.  If you have not been off somewhere nice yet you may well be planning to hit a beach somewhere in the next month or two.  Alternatively, you may be keeping everything crossed for a beaut of summer right here at home.  Either way, it is important that you get your sunglasses game spot on.

We have broken down a few of the key men’s eyewear looks for summer 2014 with the hope of helping you to find the style that you should be wearing…

Keep it Classic


Classics are described as such for a reason.  They rarely date, look good on pretty much anyone and are easy to style.  When it comes to sunglasses they don’t really come any more classic than a pair of Wayfarers.

This style was initially introduced by Ray-Ban back in 1956 and continues to be copied and reinvented every season.  The frames are very bold, squared off and often feature dark lenses.  The hard plastic frame is durable too so perfect for use by the beach or at the pool without too much worry of them getting broken or damaged.

Think Vintage                

If you are the definition of cool (in your own mind anyway) and aim to work a stand-out quirky look then a vintage effect round frame will do you nicely.  Generally, this shape of eyewear is more suited to a gent with a strong jawline as they can soften down the lines of the face.

Retro Aviators

Tom Ford

You won’t be surprised to read that aviators were first introduced to stop pilots eyes being dazzled by sunlight mid-flight.  They may have been designed back in 1930 but maintain a stylish look today that rivals the Wayfarer in my opinion as the ultimate design in eyewear.

Popular too in the late 1960s with the Beatles choosing these as their signature style.  Even today you will see many famous spotted in a pair of aviators, even Mr Style himself David Beckham.

The Sporty Wrap


There is a place for the wrap-around sunglass but in my opinion, that place is firmly on the snow.  Although popular in the 90s this style now appears a little dated when worn as a fashion accessory.

The curved shape of the frame gives both a great view and excellent coverage for those partaking in active sports such as skiing.  They have the added bonus of stopping snow or ice hitting your eyes as they are worn pretty tight to the face like a pair of goggles.

Made from lightweight plastics and often with anti-glare lenses these are some of the sturdiest frames on the market and will normally come out unscathed if dropped in the snow

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