Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator range


Oily skin is a problem that lots of us men have to deal with. Our genetic makeup means that unlike women’s skin glands we produce a lot more sweat. This can cause a raft of problems in the summer months including excess shine.

Kiehl’s have borrowed some uber advanced space age technology from NASA in their latest range of oil eek eliminating products. I am sure you will already be aware of Kiehl’s proven track record of experimenting with new and natural ingredients. Central to the new formula is ‘Aerogel’, an ultra-lightweight material that is used commonly In space suits.

The structure of Aerogel is very porous and without going too hi-tech on you this means that it can absorb up to 4 times its own weight in oil.  It also has rthe added benefit of being hydropbobic with meals it repels water.

The new Oil Eliminator range includes an exfoliating face wash, spray-on toner, and a 24-hour anti-shine moisturizer to combat oily skin.  I have tried the toner and can highly recommend it especially for those of you who are often are on the go or travel a lot.  A quick spray cools your skin and helps to reduce the appearance of excess sweat resulting in  a healthier/fresher looking complexion.


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