KRUPS EA8150 Coffee Machine Review

As our love of coffee in this country grows so does our love of gadgets that can make the perfect cup.  So much so that the market nowadays is crammed full of gadgets which promise you that coffee as good as your favourite barista makes it at home.  The reality is that coffee that tastes that good can be a bit of an art form and is hard to master.

If you really want the best tasting coffee at home then you need to invest in a bean-to-cup machine.  KRUPS do a great range of easy to use machines which ultimately take care of all of the hard work for you leaving you to decide what you are going to have on the side.  This past week I’ve been trialling the KRUPS EA8150 model which is one of their best-selling automatic espresso machines.

The coffee machine itself is pretty sizeable so it will take a bit of space in your kitchen.  While not as big as the professional machines you see in coffee shops it is of the same ilk and is essentially just a smaller version.  Given it’s size the KRUPS machine did fit quite easily in with the surroundings in my kitchen though, probably due to the sleek modern and simplistic design of the unit.

Once you unbox the coffee machine it’s really straight-forward to get it working.  In fact it’s more or less just a case of plugging it in and following the instructions on the LCD screen.  Before you can make your first cup of coffee you need to fill it up which again is really simple to do.  The coffee beans (you can pick these up anywhere depending on your taste) go right into the compartment on the top and you fill the water tank at the back.  Both the water tank and the bean holder are a good size which means you won’t have to be forever filling them up, something that can be a bit annoying with smaller machines.

To make your first coffee just choose the option on the screen depending on how strong you want it and if you want to opt for a small espresso or a larger serving.  `If you like your coffee milky then the attached milk frother will quickly become your new mate.  Just stick the milk underneath it (in a jug) and bosh, it works its magic.  This is definitely the fun part and after a few attempts at it I pretty much thought I was ready for a job at Starbucks!

If you want a decent cup of coffee at home, that is pretty easy to make then I think you could do a lot worse than the KRUPS EA8150.

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