The latest Tom Ford Private Blend: Vanille Fatale

The Everyday Manis the latest scent to join the expansive Tom Ford Private Blend collection of fragrances,  Since the first Private Blend, ‘Purple Patchouli’ was released back in 2007 this collection has seen the launch of some of the finest unisex scents available.

I’m a big fan of the Private Blend range, in fact my absolute favourite scent will probably always be Neroli Portofino.  I do love to try out all of the new releases, just in case something new takes my fancy so I as excited to see what Vanille Fatale would be like.  Like a lot of Mr Ford’s fragrance’s, less is more and this one is no different.  I applied 2 small sprays to my wrists and my first impressions was that it was a very strong scent – i could have probably done with just the one scoot which would make the bottle last a lot longer!

Once it settled on my skin, I found Vanille Fatale to be a really pleasing scent, it’s quite warming and definitely sweet but smokey.  If you’re expecting this to be a rehashed version of the ever popular Tobacco Vanille then think again.  This smell is totally new and this time around Vanilla takes over from Tobacco as the main note.  It’s decadent and glamorous smelling and I think that it would make the perfect evening scent for those special occasions.  The bottle will also look epic on your dresser or in your bathroom.

Vanille Fatale is available now priced from £158 for 50ml Eau de Parfum available from Tom Ford boutiques and .

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