Lauren Mayberry has released her first solo single, ‘Are You Awake?’

If you’re a music lover and you haven’t heard of Lauren Mayberry yet, you’re in for a delightful surprise. This talented artist is a proven force in the world of music but she’s just now starting to embark on a solo career. 

Lauren Mayberry is best known as the lead vocalist of the synth-pop trio, CHVRCHES. The Scottish band, formed in Glasgow in 2011, has gained international recognition for their distinctive electronic sound and compelling lyrics, mostly penned by Mayberry herself. 

In the band’s discography, you can see how Mayberry’s voice and writing have evolved. Now, she’s set to take the stage on her own with her first solo single, ‘Are You Awake?’.

The song is a step away from the band’s signature synth-pop sound, favouring a more minimalist, piano-driven arrangement. But don’t worry, Mayberry’s lyrical prowess is as sharp as ever. 

‘Are You Awake?’ is a question that echoes throughout the track. It’s a question about consciousness, about connection, about the stark reality of human existence. And it’s a question that Mayberry poses with a delicate intensity that’s hard to shake. 

But this track isn’t just a showcase for Mayberry’s writing. It’s also a testament to her vocal ability. Her voice is at once ethereal and grounded, capable of soaring to impressive heights while still maintaining a raw, visceral quality. 

So, if you’re a fan of CHVRCHES, or if you’re just a fan of good music, you’ll want to check out ‘Are You Awake?’. It’s a testament to the breadth of Mayberry’s talent, and it’s an exciting first look at what’s to come in her solo career. 

And if you’re not awake already, this track is sure to wake you up. 

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