Is the Lelo F1s the best men’s pleasure toy yet?

Lelo F1s review

For some reason, the use of male masturbators is still a pretty taboo topic. Girls seem a lot more comfortable discussing the use of them and the benefits of them but for some reason, guys find that topic a little more embarrassing.

Contrary to what you may think, the use of a sex toy doesn’t make you any less of a man, it doesn’t make you a creep and it’s not something to be ashamed of. Masturbation is a perfectly natural process so something that can intensify that experience should be welcomed surely?

The new LELO F1s has just been unveiled and we reckon that it’s going to be a big game-changer.

Its sleek design and cutting edge technology promise the addition of fun and pleasure to your everyday life. The Lelo F1s masturbator is​ billed as ​a games console, an app platform, a personal pleasure trainer in one.

Priced at £120 (currently on promotion) this is definitely an investment piece so we’ve listed everything that you need to know about it before buying on for yourself.

Lelo F1s review

What’s in the box

  • F1s Red Trainer
  • LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray
  • Don’t Disturb Sign
  • Gloves – I’m not really convinced that these are required…!
  • Starter Guide
  • USB Charger
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Detailed Instruction Manual

The benefits of the LELO F1s

It stimulates much more than the nerve-endings near the surface of the skin and it doesn’t desensitise the user like conventional vibrations sometimes do which allows for much longer usage.

It can improve the sexual experience for both individuals and couples as the user will become more accustomed to sexual sensations and much more comfortable with intense feelings.

The long-life rechargeable battery will help the user to increase their stamina and delay climax as well a helping them to understand their body and how it performs.

You can control the device settings from the specially designed app and gain new insight into your performance. This is a demo app. The device will soon have an SDK that will allow developers to create their own versions of the app. More information about that will be available soon on LELO’s site.

The waterproof design is easy to keep clean and enables usage in many situations including the shower.

Lelo F1s review

My thoughts

I’ve never felt the need to explore the use of a male sex toy before if I’m totally honest and if LELO had not sent the F1s across to review I’m not sure that I ever would have. Now that I’ve tried it out though, I must say that my misconceptions have been shattered.

Once it’s unboxed there’s no denying that this is a quality product. It actually looks a little like a portable bluetooth speaker and it’s made from durable materials.

Inside the box you’ll find a couple of lube sachets. Even if you don’t normally use lube when you’re having some alone time, you will need to use it with the LELO to get the proper experience.

You have the option to use it simply by turning it on and getting started or by connecting it to the app and having more control over the settings.

Having tried both there is no doubt that the connected version offers a lot more intensity but the process of pairing it to the bluetooth (it linked to my phone in 2 clicks) and tinkering with the settings did ruin the mood a little for me so in all honestly the non-connected option would be my preference.

While it’s operational it is not totally silent (there is a motor running after all) so if you’re using it while someone else is at home it’s not 100% discreet but some background music or similar would easily take care of that.

Once you’ve finished the device is easy to clean. It’s fully waterproof and they provide a cleaning spray in the kit to keep it pristine.

Lelo F1s review

The Verdict

I don’t think that anything compares to a sexual experience with a partner but as far as self-stimulation goes the experience with the LELO F1s is a pretty good challenger.

Once you get used to it and the controls you can really make it work for you. It’s definitely a huge elevation from alone time without a device, I’ll say that much.

For more information or to purchase your LELO F1s Developers Kit head over to

This is a partnership post in collaboration with LELO. We appreciate you supporting the brands who help to make The Everyday Man happen.


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