Lights of Soho: Celebrating the life’s work of Chris Bracey

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It was with much sadness that I recently read about the passing of one of my favourite artists.  Chris Bracey really was the godfather of neon art, a medium that I absolutely rejoice in.

Lights of Soho is a brand new art gallery that has launched in the heart of Soho, an area that embodies everything Chris’ work was all about – sex, drugs and rock n roll!  Pieces from a career that spanned over 40 years have been included in the new exhibition which will run until January 15th 2015.

Chris had already finalised the plan for ‘Lights of Soho’ prior to his death and his family decided that it would be a fitting tribute to the artist to press ahead with the opening.  Many of the stunning neon pieces Chris created were used as props in films, television series or with nightclubs

Lights of Soho, 35 Brewer Street, London (Entrance Free)

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