Live Nation Just Announced a Series of Summer Drive-in Gigs

Just when we thought the chance of getting to a festival this summer was a write-off, Live Nation has come along to (sort of) save the day.

The innovative series of open-air concert events will take place in 12 locations across the UK this summer and will feature the likes of The Streets, Sigala, Kasier Chiefs, Cream Classical Ibiza and the Lightning Seeds.

Each event will have the capacity for 300 cars with each being parked on a designated parking spot that will enable the occupants to dance the night away or bring along some folding chairs to enjoy the entertainment safely outside of the vehicle.

Live from the Drive-In will take over large outdoor spaces in cities like Birmingham, Liverpool, London, as well as Edinburgh, Bristol and beyond.

For the full list of Live from the Drive-In locations and a peek at the line-up, head over to

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