Luis Suárez says a 3 match ban is enough. What do you think?

Luis Suárez bites Branislav Ivanovic

Even the Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed his views on the Liverpool football player Luis Suárez biting incident from Sunday’s match with Chelsea.  His spokesman said. “As part of their consideration, I think it would be very understandable if they took into account the fact that high-profile players are often role models.”

The FA has confirmed this evening (Tuesday) that Luis Suarez has accepted a charge of violent conduct for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic.  An FA spokesman said “Luis Suárez has accepted a charge of violent conduct following an incident with Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic in Sunday’s fixture at Anfield. However, Suárez has denied the FA’s claim that the standard punishment of three matches is clearly insufficient for this offence.”

Do you think a the punishment fit’s the crime?  Do you think it is acceptable for a grown man to bite another in the name of sport?  Should the Police become involved?  Has it been blown out of proportion?  Leave your thoughts in a comment below.


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