Lumity Morning & Night Male Supplements Review

Morning & Night Male Supplements

Lumity recently sent me over a month’s worth of their morning & night male supplements to review. After having a read up on them online I was impressed at their advertised benefits so I thought I’d give them a go.

Vitamins are always a tricky one when it comes reviewing. The results are not instant, the benefits are not obvious and the, in essence, it takes a while for a new formula to make a difference so I can only talk about my experience and the changes I noticed.

The Lumity men’s supplement is actually 2 different capsules. Orange is taken on waking up in the morning and black is taking before nodding off at night.

Over the years I’ve tried more brands and variations than I can even remember. Some I’ve instantly disliked as they have made me feel sick or left a horrid taste in my mouth and with others, I felt little to no difference at all. Thankfully I never got that sick feeling or weird aftertaste with Lumity which for me is the first test.

Morning & Night Male Supplements

Lumity’s website states that the Morning & Night Male Supplements help optimise your mind, body and performance with benefits that include; increased energy levels, improved alertness, focus, endurance and vitality, reduced tiredness, strong bones, joints, teeth and muscles, boosted immunity, reduced oxidative stress, plus healthy skin, hair and nails.

They work by utilising a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and amino acids.

After a month on these supplements the first things I’ve noticed is that my nails, my hair and skin appear improved. My nails are stronger and clearer, my hair just feels and looks healthier and I’ve noticed my skin looks much more radiant.

I’ve not really noticed a boost in my general energy but that wasn’t something that I felt I was lacking in any way. I’ve definitely not felt as tired in the evenings though and I’ve noticed that I’ve been waking up earlier than normal ready to kickstart my day.

The only thing that I found instantly annoying is that each ‘serving’ is 4 capsules. This meant that when I was travelling I had to squeeze loads of the little capsules into a dosset box for a few days away. I’d much prefer if it was just one capsule twice a day but I guess it’s because it would need to be a huge capsule to make it only one?

Would I recommend them? Absolutely. I’ve not noticed any side effects and have seen a marked improvement since before I started taking Lumity.

A months supply costs £79 (or £65 if you take out a monthly subscription) which I know sounds a lot but if you break it down that’s not much more than £15 quid a week, or the equivalent of a few pints of beer.

Order you Lumity Men’s Supplements here.

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