Lush Men x The Nomad Barber ‘Guide To The Perfect Shave’

Lush x The Nomad Barber

LUSH do products for men?  This was exactly my thoughts when this large wooden box was delivered to me earlier this week.  Inside said box was an abundance of little black tubs and bottles all featuring different numbered labels.  I scrambled around a little more and located a usb stick that would explain it all.

In a nutshell LUSH have teamed up with Miguel Gutierrez aka The Nomad Barber to launch a YouTube tutorial on how to get the perfect shave…

The step by step guide shown in the video above covers all the bases from the ‘Fresh Farmacy Facial Cleanser’ right down to the ‘Dirty Hair Styling Cream’.  All of the products included in the tutorial are available to buy online from LUSH.

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