Maintaining the Perfect Beard

Rikki Hall Beard

If you don’t have a beard at present, then I am guessing you have thought about growing one at some point.  Pretty much all men have.  There is certainly more to growing the perfect facial bush than simply quitting shaving.  As the number one accessory for men these days a beard if done well can totally transform your look and seriously improve your man score rating.

Here a few of our top tips for maintaining the perfect beard:

Find the right style for you

Beards work for almost everyone.  That is assuming you can actually grow a full one.  If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from patchy stubble/growth then this maybe is not the look for you.

If you have a rounder face try adding some strong lines that will help to add some definition to your look.  Longer faces suit a full, thick beard.  The key is some careful experimentation maybe subtle changes until you are happy with the style.

Stay tidy

Guys like Rikki Hall who sport a ‘full beard’ actually put a lot of work into keeping it looking like it does.  It is not about stealing style tips from the local hobo.  Invest in the right tools and keeping your beard tidy is an easy task, there are a multitude of trimmers on the market these days including those which let you adjust the length setting.  A small, very sharp pair of scissors is a good investment to keep on top of those little annoying pop up hairs.

Find yourself a barber who is a master of the beard as well as the head and book in for a proper tidy at least once a month.  Remember it can take up to 3 months to properly grow in your beard.

Keep it moist

Shampoo and condition your beard just like you would your hair.  As it starts to get longer think of using a beard oil too, just a tiny bit is enough to keep it looking healthy and to reduce the unruliness.

Eat well

Ensuring that you benefit from a healthy and balanced diet might seem like an odd point to include here, but it is an important one.  Omega 3 is a great aid in maintaining healthy skin but this also helps you grow healthy whiskers too.


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