Meet, Eat, Repeat: The TimeLeft App’s Revolutionary Approach to Social Dining

Are you tired of the same old dining routine, looking to spice up your mealtimes? There’s a unique solution you may not have yet considered, and it’s bringing together strangers from all corners of the globe. Let us introduce you to an innovative app called TimeLeft. This fascinating digital platform is not just another food delivery service, but a unique social dining experience available right at your fingertips. 

So, how does TimeLeft work? The first step is to download the app. Next, you’ll be asked a series of questions covering everything from politics to hobbies, even your views on recreational drug use. This process helps to ensure you’re paired up with like-minded diners for the best possible dining experience. 

Once your profile is live, you’ll have the ability to book into a dinner slot at any of the participating restaurants in cities around the world. It costs £12 to attend a one-off meal (the food bill is separate), or you can pay £19.99 monthly to subscribe and get access to all weekly dinners. 

Intriguing, right? TimeLeft quite literally gives you the time left in your day to forge connections and meet new individuals. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller in a new city wanting to connect with locals, or a local seeking to meet fleeting travellers, TimeLeft works for you. 

Interestingly, TimeLeft was conceived from a simple yet meaningful concept. The founders’ vision of uniting people through shared meals sprouted from their personal experience. Whilst often finding themselves in new cities and cultures, they experienced firsthand the challenges and loneliness that may arise from being far from home. They found that shared food provided universal comfort, easing their transition and inspiring the creation of TimeLeft. 

Believing firmly in the power of communal dining to bring together strangers, TimeLeft was launched thoughtfully. Regardless of the growing individualistic tendencies of the world, this app expanded its reach, bringing the concept of community dinner tables to cities worldwide. 

Fancy checking it out? They currently operate in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, London, Dublin as well as in cities all around the world.

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