TOM FORD for Men Skincare and Grooming launch a new Brow Gel, Shave Oil and Exfoliator

Tom Ford for Men Face Scrub

Tom Ford has fast become a label associated with style and quality. Be it in the ready to wear collection, the accessories or in fact the skincare and grooming products we have come to expect nothing but the best.

Recently the Tom Ford for Men range of skincare products received a few new additions which bolster the existing offering of moisturisers, face wash etc.  The ethos of the men’s range is quite simple, Mr Ford created it for himself and proclaims that it covers all of the essentials that every man needs to keep his skin in check.  Well if it is goof enough for Mr Ford…

Shave Oil

I always prefer a shave oil over gels or shaving creams as I find it much easier to see where I am actually shaving and like that it conditions and moisturisers my skin at the same time.  I loved the scent too it’s just enough without being overbearing like some others.

RRP £35

Brow Gel comb

I have only tried this one a couple of times to be honest and I’m not sold on it yet but the basic premise is that is will groom and tame your unruly eyebrows to give balance and symmetry to your face. maybe I need to persevere with it or maybe I just like my unruly brows as they are.

RRP £32

Exfoliator Scrub

My absolute favourite item in the entire men’s grooming range mostly due to the strong eucalyptus scent which turns your bathroom into your very own spa every morning.  It’s scrub is rough enough to get the job done too.  I really like to feel like I have had a good scrub after I use an exfoliator and know that I’m rubbing away al and this product definitely does that.

RRP £45


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