Fundamental Fashion: Shirts

Mens Shirts

We all know that shirts are an integral part of the modern man’s wardrobe; Get it right, and you’re on track to have a sharp look for every occasion. Get it wrong, and you’ll end up looking like your dad. We’re going to walk you through a few of the most common types of shirt.

Denim: A denim shirt is crucial for a casual-cool look.  If you’re going for the sartorial classic of double denim, wear contrasting shades of denim. The brands to look out for here are Diesel and Levi’s depending on the fit your prefer. Also, for versatility, a denim shirt can double up as a thin jacket in the summer.

Check: We all need clothes for when we’re kicking back and watching TV, or going for a relaxed coffee. Look for a classic check like the red and black check one below from Asos, and match with a pair of jeans, boots and a leather biker jacket for when you’re heading out.

Print and Floral: People either love or hate these. But for those who are keen on them, it’s important to find the right one. The best labels for floral shirts are probably Ted Baker and Paul Smith, as they tend to embrace the inherent femininity of floral prints. They are great for a night out or casual drink at a bar, and as such go well with a fitted blazer and jeans.

Linen: Perfect for chilling with a beer by the beach in the summer, a linen shirt is a wardrobe must. Opt for lilac, dark blue, purple or white with chino shorts or trousers and espadrilles.

The Oxford: The beauty of an Oxford shirt is its versatility. An Oxford can be quite comfortably worn in semi-formal situations like the workplace or a dinner date, but is also just as suitable to a quiet evening at home. They embody the ‘preppy’ lifestyle and of course our favourite label to look for here is Polo Ralph Lauren. 

Dress/Formal Shirts: Essential for interviews, big business pitches, black tie events and anything that requires a sharp, formal outfit, every man needs a quality selection of Dress and Formal shirts. My suggestion is to find a couple of really special items (perhaps your white dress shirt for black tie dinners and a pink/blue one for important business meetings) from labels like Eton or Duchamp; These can be a tad pricey, so it might be worth bagging one on sale as well from somewhere like Search The Sales .


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