A Few Men’s Winter Grooming & Skincare Essentials

mens grooming essentials

It’s really important to look after your skin over the cold winter months.  The harsh weather that we are exposed to almost daily can really take its toll on our skin, especially the face and can really dry out and damage it.

To make sure that you keep looking your best right through until Spring it is important to keep on top of your daily grooming routine.  Recently I have been testing a few products (some old and some new) that have impressed me enough to make their way into my washbag.

Sisleyum for Men Anti-Age Global Revitalizer

Sisleyum anti-age global revitalizer for men

Finding yourself a good moisturiser is key to any skincare routine whether it is winter or not.  No matter what age you are it is important to start thinking of the future so I always look for one that helps with anti-ageing.  Priced at £165 the Sisleyum for men Global Revitalizer is at the higher end of the price scale when it comes to moisturisers but I like to think of it as an investment in my skin, which is pretty important.

This product aims to be an all-in-one when it comes to dealing with men’s skin concerns.  Not only has it been created to moisturise and hydrate the skin but it also have ingredients like shea butter, which help to soothe razor burn.  It will also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.


I’ve been using the variant for normal skin but it also comes in a formulation for people with dry skin so make sure that you pick up the one that is right for you.

Kiehls Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil

Kiehls nourishing beard grooming oil

The Kiehls Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil is a new release for this year and is just the thing you need if you are currently taking part in Movember or like me just prefer the unshaven look.  A lot of people are under the misconception that growing a beard is for lazy men who can’t be bothered shaving but actually the opposite is true.  Yes it may take slightly less toll on your face than shaving every morning but maintaining a beard does in fact take a bit of work too.

Every time you wash or exfoliate your face you are stripping away some of the essential oils and general goodness.  This can leave your facial hair feeling (and looking) a little dried out and lifeless.  The Kiehls beard oil uses natural ingredients to spruce up your beard or facial hair and restore some of that oil that is lost during washing.  As an added bonus it will leave you smelling delightful too thanks to its blend of sandalwood, cedarwood and eucalyptus.

Also as it’s Black Friday this weekend if you busy 2 or more products from Kiehls this Friday or Saturday (25th & 26th of November) you will get 20% off your purchase!

Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

I love just about everything from Lush from their faces scrubs to their body wash and bath bombs it seems that they can do no wrong.  This month for the first time I tried one of their conditioners called Happy Happy Joy Joy.  It’s actually a conditioning hair perfume so as well as injecting your locks with goodness it leaves you smelling great too.  And not in a girly way either as the central note is neroli (my favourite)!

Like all Lush products Happy Happy Jot Joy is a pretty natural formula meaning that unlike most branded conditioners this is not full of additives and the likes so using it takes a bit of getting used to.  Unlike lots of others on the market this is not a thick and gloopy texture so when you use it at first it feels a little bit weird like it has been watered down perhaps but in actual fact that is how it should be.  It’s lighter and as a result leaves your hair feeling a bit softer.  It took me a few uses to start to like it but now that I’m used to it I really do.

TOM FORD Private Blend All Over Body Spray


This year the Tom Ford grooming range seems to have really exploded in size.  Once a small collection of essential products there is now something for just about every grooming need that you may have.  This month seen the launch of the newest addition the Tom Ford All Over Body Sprays – advertised as a new way to wear the Private Blend collection of fragrances.

I think that these are good in particular for keeping in your work or gym back for whenever you need a little freshen up.  You simply spray it all over (avoiding your face and eyes obviously) and then go about your business.  So far they are available in the Tom Ford men’s scents Tobacco Vanille, Noir De Noir, Tuscan Leather, Neroli Portofino and Oud Wood priced at £43 each.

I have to be honest about these though, as much as I love the scents I’m not so keen on the bottles which as it’s an aerosol are a bit more like a deodorant can.  They are of course way cheaper than buying the traditional bottles of fragrance so it is a great way of trying out the full range and helping you to find your favourite.

Magnitone Cleansweep

Magnitone Cleensweep for Men

Last but not least is the Magnitone Cleansweep Skin Brush for Men.  You may have seen these kinds of products before (normally aimed at women) and wondered what they were all about, I know I have.  Well recently I tried this one and found it to be a great addition to my cleansing regime.

I’m someone who really liked to feel like my face has been properly cleaned and that any dead skin has been thoroughly dealt with, because of this I tend to use harsh exfoliators much more often than I probably should do.  Using the Magnitone Cleansweep with some ordinary gel facewash I found that it gently cleaned my skin as well as if not better than my normal exfoliators.  I particularly liked the way that it tackled my stubble.  It may be a coincidence but I have noticed less ingrown hairs in that area since I started using it too.

I liked that it is pretty compact too so I can easily take it with me on my winter travels!

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