The Moët Party Day. The Glasgow Leg!


So far this summer has been pretty full on when it comes to travel, I’ve already found myself getting to visit some very lovely places for the first time. Last weekend though I got to spend the weekend at home and it was pretty good timing as the Moët Party Day was taking place in Glasgow.  June the 11th has now been dubbed as the global event which celebrates the historic moment that the first champagne spray took place by the winner of Le Mans (where I’ll be heading this weekend) back in 1967.

35 cities worldwide took part in the event in a variety of locations which included beach bars, exclusive hotels and bespoke venues.  The Glasgow event was split into 2 legs with the first transforming The Lane Bar in Ashton Lane into a Balearic style day club complete with white colour scheme and live saxophone beats. Being Glasgow the weather didn’t exactly play ball but the Moët Ice Imperial (served over ice and cucumber) went some way to warming us up!

Moët Day Glasgow 2016

Moët Day Glasgow 2016

Moët Day Glasgow 2016

This was the first time I had actually tried (or even heard of) Ice Imperial which is the latest offering from the brand to launch here in the UK and really is like no other champagne I have tasted.  It was created to be served in the beach bars during the day and as such is served over ice and has a sweeter, fruitier taste.  I really liked it especially with the addition of some cucumber.

As the evening arrived it was on to Glasgow’s impressive Corinthian Club to join the celebration with Moët’s flagship Imperial champagne.  If you have not been to Glasgow before or indeed this club it is definitely worth a visit just to gawk at the amazing ceiling if nothing else. It’s quite stunning and the perfect setting for a Moët celebration that went on all the way into the night…

Sheri Scott with John Robertson (L) and Kenny Mitchell, Moet Party Day Glasgow

Moet et Chandon Evening Event @ Corinthian__153


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