Most Romantic Places to Visit in Europe

sillhouete of eiffel tower

Europe is a great holiday destination fitting every traveller’s dream! The big cities and rich culture are perfect for solo trips, family vacations, or group tours, but there is also a wide range of romantic spaces for a couple’s retreat! 

Whether you enjoy active leisure, sightseeing, or simply relaxing with your other half, Europe is sure to fit your needs! So, let’s check out some of the best places to leave you absolutely enamoured! 

Eiffel Tower, Paris

While basically known as one of the most significant signature marks of France, the Eiffel Tower has also earned the name as the symbol of love!

During the day, we suggest a guided tour so that you can learn all about its construction, historical meaning, development, and design. You can also purchase tickets to go up to whichever floor you choose! And what brings couples closer than the shared feeling of adrenaline? 

When it gets dark, take a stroll a bit further away, just so you can admire the romantic lights and the tower’s magnificence. Be sure to take a photo!

The Main Canals, Amsterdam

three bicycle upright parked on bridge

For further exploration of the most romantic places in Europe, travel from Paris to Amsterdam by train, and see what the beautiful Netherlands have to offer! 

While Amsterdam has a different kind of reputation, it is actually one of the best cities to visit on your honeymoon or a romantic getaway. Leave the typical stereotypes behind, and do not worry about it being a party city with no possibilities of relaxing. 

We suggest canal tours and evening cruises for the loveliest night-time experiences. The city lights, colourful houses, and quaint streets will create a romantic and intimate oasis, and it is also one of the better ways to see Amsterdam. Most of the waterways go back to the 17th century and offer great views of Dutch architecture and historical buildings. 

Trevi Fountain, Rome

trevi fountain in rome italy

This stunning Italian piece by Nicola Salvi and Giuseppe Pannini is one of Rome’s most visited sites and a perfect complement to your couple’s itinerary. 

Constructed in the 17th century, the Trevi Fountain is a direct gateway to the genius Italian architectural mind, with a clear display of Baroque style and intricate detailing. Being the most famous fountain in the world, Trevi is usually a bit crowded, but there is always something joyful happening around! It would be impossible to count how many love confessions or proposals took place right there! 

For the full experience, make sure you have some coins with you. According to several legends and long-standing traditions, all your dreams will come true if you throw a coin into the water using your right hand and over your left shoulder. So, why not wish to stay together forever? 

Santorini Beaches

landscape view of greece during day time

Probably the best-known Greek island there is, Santorini is a long-running winner among the most popular romantic places in the world. It would be quite challenging to pinpoint the exact area, so we simply suggest the whole island! 

One of the top honeymoon destinations, the island lures you in with its gorgeous aesthetic, outstanding cuisine, and variety of activities. Firstly, nothing beats the views of the white-washed houses, narrow streets, or the Aegean Sea. When you are done with your general exploration, grab a bite at any local restaurant, and enjoy, as well as discover authentic Greek food. 

If you are a couple of party-together-stay-together, you will be delighted by the way the island lights up at night! With plenty of bars, pubs, and clubs opened way into the night, Santorini will meet all of your expectations! 

The Grand Canal, Venice

gondolas and boats in venice grand canal

Lastly, let’s travel back to Italy! Only this time, it is not the capital city that draws attention. Venice is one of the most unique and aesthetically-pleasing cities in the world, one you must see with your loved one. 

There are plenty of things to do here, actually. You can start with St. Mark’s Square and the famous basilica, try out their Venetian gelato, or have dinner right on the edge of the water. However, the very top attraction, and one we recommend the most, is a trip through the Grand Canal. 

Imagine a late Italian evening when everything settles down a bit, and you can spend some alone time together. While exploring, of course! We suggest a Gondola ride through the biggest canal in Venice. The quaint surroundings and calm waters are perfect for a romantic evening together, not to mention everything you will see on the way. 

There you go! Five fabulous destinations for you and your other half to explore. Make sure to grab a camera to capture your special moments, and try to set aside enough time to truly relax. Celebrate Europe, and celebrate love!

Good luck! 

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