Movember: Don’t just grow it, style it!

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So we are now more than a week into this year’s Movember campaign (if you have not signed up yet on the official site do so here) and if you are taking part you are hopefully starting to see some substance to your Mo’.  You can of course just let it grow and see how things end up (not recommended) or you can opt for one the of classic mo’ styles.  So grab your grooming products and get styling.

The Handle Bar
To create and maintain the Handle Bar, it is important to wet shave around the style regularly as this will emphasise the look. Use the trimmer on the Styler to keep the Handle Bar groomed and to prevent fly away hairs ruining the look!

The Connoisseur
Wet shave around the MO regularly and style with wax. Twisting the MO through your fingers will give you the desired connoisseur look. Rah Rah.

The After Eight
Wet shave regularly and use the trimmer on the Styler without the comb. Go across the top lip to keep the moustache sharp and in shape and to remove any overhanging hairs. Always keep the crease line of the lip sharp and clear

The Box Car
Are you funny like Ron? This is the bad boy of MO’s and whatsmore you just leave it to grow. Make sure you wet shave – it will emphasise the greatness of your MO!

Wet shave regularly and use the trimmer on the Styler with the comb to keep the MO sharp and in shape. Apply a little wax to give it that Chaplin shine!

Movember Styles


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