Moving to Cologne Germany

cologne germany

As an international, it is exceedingly difficult to choose where you want to live in a city you’re unfamiliar with. Choosing your neighbourhood in Cologne may seem like a difficult choice, but it doesn’t have to be.

The city has over a million inhabitants and several distinct neighbourhoods that you can choose from. Read on to find out more.

The City Centre

The city centre is not going to be one of the cheaper options. However, it has a plethora of opportunities for nightlife and entertainment as well as shopping and dining. The city centre also contains the majority of Cologne’s tourist attractions too. The city centre also benefits from easy access to the city’s phenomenal public transport links making it one of the most accessible neighbourhoods too.


Nippes is one of the quirkier areas of Cologne, full of cool cafes, bars, and parks. Rent in this area can vary, with the more budget-friendly options often found in the neighbourhood’s northern section. It is quite well connected, having both tram and U-Bahn stations. However, it may be worth pointing out that the average age of its residents is 47.


Ehrenfeld is home to the colourful and alternative. The cultural flair is enhanced by street art, clubs, and pubs. It is an increasingly popular residential area home to some of the city’s best shopping and entertainment options. The rent there is higher for properties near the clubs, but the far side is reasonable. Ehrenfeld has a  suburban railway and is pretty well connected.


This is another of the most popular residential areas in Cologne. Its population is primarily made up of students who enjoy the picturesque cafes and bookshops. Anyone looking for student housing in Cologne should start there. It is one of the cheapest options in Cologne. It has decent transport links, but many residents choose to walk.


Kalk is incredibly diverse, and it owes this to its working-class background. Rental prices are there are pretty middling. It has excellent transport links for those that need to travel around Cologne. Kalk has delicious vegan eateries, its own brewing tradition, and a thriving second-hand market.


This area is further out than some others, but it still has good transport links so that may not be an issue for some people. This area is popular with families for its village feel. The rent is decidedly average, although there are extremes at both ends.


This area is home to many media industries, from film to music to IT, and so some of the best concert halls are found there. Because of its connections to the media industry, some rental prices in Mülheim are among the most expensive in Cologne. It is well connected; however, due to the rental prices and the general cost of living, it is not the most accessible area to live in.

In Conclusion

Cologne is an extremely popular choice for international students and ex-pats alike as it is an incredibly vibrant and colourful city. With the above choice of neighbourhoods, there is something to suit all sensibilities and, more importantly, all budgets. When considering making the leap to move or study in a different country, it is imperative that you do your research so that you know what to expect.

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