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MTV Cribs was one of the pioneers of voyeuristic viewing in the ’90s, giving us the chance to peek inside the homes of some of our favourite Hollywood a-listers. In the days before Instagram and social media, MTV Cribs showed a side of the celebrity lifestyle that hadn’t been shown before.

Of course these days, even the biggest of stars routinely show us around their fridges, walk-in wardrobes and car collections through their social media posts but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love a little bit of nostalgia.

MTV Cribs has had a modern-day reboot and in the latest episode, comedian and voice of Love Island Iain Stirling invite’s you to join him on a tour of his dream crib. The only thing is that this particular dream crib is the home of The Glenlivet whisky in Speyside.

This may seem a bit of an odd choice but if you’re a whisky fan like Iain is, where better to spend your free time than in the place where the magic happens – quite literally.

The Glenlivet’s unique crib features local artisan-built interiors, an interactive barley field, as well as the all-important Still Room, where distillation takes place, or as Iain likes to say, “sorcery at its finest”.

It wouldn’t be an episode of MTV Cribs without a peek inside the fridge. This is not any old fridge with fancy ravioli and sparkling water, but one filled top-to-bottom with the world-renowned Glenlivet Capsule Collection, which took the world by storm in 2019. The unique capsules are now available to try at the distillery as part of ‘The Archive’ tour. I’ve tried them and they are a pretty quirky way to enjoy a fine dram.

Watch the episode here:

If you fancy having a nosey around The Glenlivet crib for yourself, you can book a tour here

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