New gym equipment calls for some new gym gear!

The Everyday Man

This past month saw the arrival of some super swanky new Technogym Artis equipment down at my local gym.  The all singing all dancing system features built-in apps like Skype. Facebook and YouTube.  Although I think they are missing a trick as I could find no virtual personal trainer app.   Maybe that would have been a tad more relevant in a gym?  Anyway, I am not really one for changing up my routine and have been struggling to get back into the swing of my things since the changeover.  Some of my favourite gym machines have been replaced by more modern and rather torturous looking alternatives.

To try to re-ignite my fitness motivation I decided that it was time for some new gym gear.  Yes, I know it may seem a bit gimmicky but I figured some new sneaks may encourage me to get moving again, or so I told myself anyway.  Any excuse.  If you read this blog often you will know that I have quite a soft spot for Nike, in fact, I am slightly obsessed with their classics (many of which continue to be re-invented) and their modern cutting edge designs.

The Everyday Man

Flyknit is one of Nike’s most innovative and game-changing shoe designs in recent years and certainly as far as my memory goes – the makeup is unlike any other!  I opted for the Nike Free 4.0 model where the emphasis is on the person wearing the shoe before anything else.  Complex data from the Nike lab revealed some interesting facts about the way the foot reacts with the ground, this led to the introduction of hexagonal flex grooves on the outsole.  This new grid promotes easier and multi-directional flexibility but maintains good traction and grip as you move.

The first thing I noticed when I put them on today was the weight, they really do feel like nothing.  Even when I laced the trainers up it felt more like I was wearing a sock than a shoe, especially the way it fits snuggly around your foot.   You do feel supported and not vulnerable when you run like you may when running ‘barefoot’ for any of you fearful that lightweight means a lack of support.  I definitely could feel a spring in my step with the Flyknit’s on my feet.

To match my new blue Flyknits I thought it was about time that I upgraded my old gym backpack too.  When I think back on it my current bag has served me very well, putting in at least 10 years service to date.  My search for a durable and flexible replacement lead me directly to Eastpak.  Although nowadays they have developed collaborations with artists and other designers I stuck to the classic, after all, they are never going to look dated.  The Eastpak Floid backpack is available and Size? and met all of my requirements, the 30-year guarantee, in particular, was a fantastic selling point for me if it lasts until then it will be older than I am now.  Gee that is a pretty long lifespan for a bag!

The Everyday Man

As a blogger always on the move I liked the fact it also hosts a laptop space and lots of zip compartments – I need a bag not only for the gym but one I can fill with laptop-tablet, camera etc when I set off on a secret blogging mission.  The only downside I found with this bag was the main body is the long meaning you can fit lots inside but it is a tad on the narrow side.  I managed to squeeze all of my gym essential inside (kit, protein, toiletries etc) but finding the items hidden at the bottom was a tad hard.  I think as the canvas softens up this will get a little easier though.

Now I have no excuse for getting fit for summer. Fancy new gym equipment and fancy new gym gear.  Time to get myself moving!

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