The Nike+ Fuelband SE Metaluxe Collection

Nike Silver Fuelband

The Nike+ Fuelband SE Metaluxe limited edition collection is the latest incarnation of the popular fitness gizmo from Nike.  The rose gold version was released for Autumn and sold out almost immediately prompting huge demand for the latest colour offering.   The brand new Silver model features a stainless steel clasp, bezel and screws that have been hand-worked to create mirror-polished surfaces that represent the intersection of sport and style.

I have always been slightly intrigued by the Fuelband but held a misconception that it was a high-tech gadget for ‘serious’ runners only.  I was recently given the chance to road test the device for myself and have since realised that these are for everyone no matter your fitness level or experience.

Firstly it tells you the time.  This seems a pretty simple function but it was a plus for me as it meant I could ditch my watch.  I am not a fan of wrist clutter and spend more time with my watch off than on during the day.  The band is more discreet and easier to forget that you are wearing than a watch.

The main aim is to get people moving.  The step counter and the Nike Fuel score tracker are therefore the primary functions.  The step counter is fairly self-explanatory, it records the number of steps you take throughout the day just like a pedometer.  This seems to be fairly accurate too, no matter how hard I tried to cheat (for testing purposes only of course) the number only rose as I was actually walking.

The Fuel score is unique to Nike and takes you towards a predetermined daily target.  Based on my age and stats  I set mines at 3000, this put me in the top 20% of the population.  To be honest I found it pretty easy to achieve this even though I was not overly active.  I would recommend playing around with this over the first few days and finding a target that is achievable but that will cause you a slight challenge.  When you finally hit your target you are rewarded with a pretty cool flashing message across the band and likewise if you are struggling you will get some encouragement.  ‘GO JOHN GO JOHN’.

The design is simple, which is one of the main selling points for me.  Being a Nike product there is, of course, an ios app too which connects to the device by Bluetooth, this gives you access to more detailed reports that are available on the bracelet itself.  You can also access this information online by plugging your device right into the side of the laptop.  This is also how you charge it up.

I think if you are going to invest in a Fuelband then it is worth spending the extra few quid for the METALUXE collection as these are far more wearable.  The way this technology works means that you really need to wear it all day long, so finding a colour that will work for you is important, this of it as a fashion accessory as well as a fitness aide.

The Silver Nike+ FuelBand SE is available in limited quantities from select retail locations and at priced at £139.

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