The Panasonic ALL-connected Home Speaker System

There is no doubt that home audio systems are getting ever more advanced and offering better quality sound.  Whilst it’s possible to pick up a compact portable bluetooth speaker up pretty cheaply these days I prefer a connected system that allows me to continue to enjoy my music as I move from room to room of the house.  This past month I’ve been testing one of these out, the Panasonic ALL-connected speaker system.

The ALL-connected system offers multiple speaker options, which can all be purchased separately but most importantly can be networked together quickly and easily for seamless listening. How many speakers you need and what types will depend in the size of your home I guess but a good starting to point is to pick up 3 units to distribute around your living space.

My Panasonic ALL-connected system consists of the SC-ALL9, SC-ALL7CD and the SC-ALL05 speakers, which I placed in the bedroom, living room and bathroom respectively.  Adding them to your network takes a bit of time but is fairly straightforward. Once they are all networked though you can download the Panasonic Music Stream app to control them and play your music from services like Spotify and AllPlay Radio – I’m all about Radio 2 when I’m working from home so I was pleased that it included this option.

Panasonic SC-ALL9

This is the bulkiest of the three speakers in my wireless network but it is most definitely my favourite.  The device is built around five individual speakers including an integrated subwoofer, which work together to produce an impressive 80W of crystal clear sound.  It’s a fairly sizeable unit as I said before but it does sit quite discreetly as the design of the speaker itself is quite understated and streamlined.

I have this speaker in my bedroom so I never have the volume up insanely loud under normal circumstances however I did have a play around with the control to see what it is capable of. The sound was powerful and really clear.  I flicked through different musical genres and it seemed to handle everything with ease, even the more bass heavy tunes.

Panasonic SC-ALL7CD

At £349.99 the SC-ALL7CD is the most expensive in the ALL-connected range but it does feature a few things that the others don’t.  Firstly this unit houses a CD player, a bit retro perhaps but still a great way to listen to music.  The benefit here is that you can play a CD in one room and listen to it in any room that you choose without the need for such a big unit in there.  It has a 4GB built-in memory too giving you the ability to store up to 25 CD albums on the hard-drive to listen to whenever you wish.

At first glance it’s not quite as powerful as the SC-ALL9 but with a 40W output it still packs a fairly decent punch and is hi-res sound enabled.  I certainly had no complaints when using this as my main unit in the living room.

Panasonic SC-ALL05

Although the sound quality from this speaker was not in the same league as the other two I still really like it, especially the fact that it is waterproof (it can be submerged to 1metre but I don’t recommend trying it) making it safe to use in the kitchen, bathroom or even the garden.  When fully charged you can get up to 9 hours worth of use from it which is pretty impressive, enough to last a whole day anyway.

It does the job really well and provides a safe opportunity to listen to music in situations where you would normally go without or make do with your phone’s speaker.  I really liked having it in the bathroom, some upbeat tunes while you shower is a great way to start the day.

View the full Panasonic ALL-connected system here.


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