Park MGM Las Vegas. It’s Vegas but not quite as you know it…

The Everyday ManEarlier this year the Monte Carlo resort on the Las Vegas strip was retired and has been gradually renovated into Park MGM, a fresh new resort that is a world away from the rest of Over the top, bigger is better neighbouring resorts.

On the main entrance the fountains and mock European facade are gone and, in their place, sits a modern glass and steel structure that is soon to house the huge Italian food emporium, Eataly.  The loose ‘theme’ of Park MGM is nature and the signature colour is of course green.  It feels fresh and modern and I particularly liked the darker shades that were used in the rooms.

Everything here is new and modern and shiny and that’s sure to throw some of the Las Vegas regulars a bit but it’s more than obvious from the design of this place that they are hoping to attract a younger, cooler demographic.  Every little corner of the place has been designed with Instagram in mind and to me it has more of a European feel than a lot of the other big hotels in Las Vegas.  There’s a casino (of course) but it’s not so big that you get lost in it.  It has all of the usual table games, loads of slot machines and of bars but it’s not huge.  That was one of the things that I loved about this place though, it’s clear that their focus is more on entertainment than casino only.  Their beautiful new theatre, which is home to headliners Lady Gaga, Cher, Queen and Stevie Wonder to name a few is testament to that!

The Everyday ManThe Everyday ManThe Everyday ManThe Everyday ManThe Everyday ManI was on a week-long trip so booked into one of their Nighthawk suites as I like a bit extra space.  The suite was spacious and featured a huge (and very comfy bed), walk-in wardrobe, a sofa, a work area and a wet bar.  Park MGM is actually a partnership between MGM and the Sydell Group (who have The Line, The Nomad Hotel and Saguaro hotel brands all under their umbrella) and you can really feel their impact here in the hip styling which features bespoke artwork and retro styled furniture.

The bathroom was also on the large side and as you’d expect was all brand new and shiny.  The green subway tiles around the shower were just beautiful and the shower itself featured some seriously powerful water flow!

The stand out feature of Park MGM for me was the pool area.  They actually have 3 separate pools which are quite well tucked away from each other.  This meant that considering it was such a big hotel, the pools never felt over busy. I’m a fan of getting out and checking out the dining scene in other parts of a city, instead of just sticking to my own resort but I did try both Primrose (for brunch) and Bavettes (for a tasty steak dinner) and both were fantastic and well worth stopping by.

The whole resort is not quite finished yet as there’s a whole host of new eating places due to open before the end of the year, a new nightclub and a super swish boutique hotel on the top few floors of the property so it’s still a very exciting time ahead. I’m already looking forward to heading back next year to see the new additions.



Photography by Patrick Michael Chin

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