Most Wanted: Passarella x KOKO 4 UO

Passarella x KOKO 4 UO

This week our most wanted purchase blends fashion, music and London nightlife. The latest alliance between London’s legendary KOKO in Camden, cult fashion brand Passarella Death Squad and global high street favourite Urban Outfitters: Passarella X KOKO 4 UO have produced some limited edition t-shirts.

Deli Salih – Head of Marketing at KOKO – commented: ‘Music and fashion are as interlinked today as they always have been. However, defined ‘scenes’ rocking tired looking band ‘Ts’ are old news, now high and cult fashion brands are instead becoming increasingly linked with an ever-expanding music scene. KOKO prides itself in providing an indefinable mixture of music to its fans and it was clear to us that Passarella Death Squad shares this love for music culture as a whole. To be able to then link up with Urban Outfitters and offer free guest list to KOKO club-goers made the collaboration complete; no venue has done anything like this before!”

This exclusive collection highlights definitive musical instruments from KOKO’s eclectic soundscape – the Roland 808, 101, Technics 1210 and the Gibson Flying V guitar; the designs picked to reflect the diverse sounds which make KOKO such an iconic venue, with acts such as HAIM, Skrillex, The Killers and Red Hot Chili Peppers recently rocking the venue.

The T-shirts are available at Urban Outfitters stores and online priced at £35 and come with a guest list pass to the famed NME night at KOKO Camden.

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